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BLUME, JUDY: In the Unlikely Event


HORNBY, NICK: Funny Girl

HUMPHREYS, HELEN: The Evening Chorus

KAPOOR, DEEPTI: A Bad Character

LANSENS, LORI: The Mountain Story (National Post)

McLAREN, LEAH: A Better Man (Toronto Star)

PARMAR, PRIYA: Vanessa and Her Sister

PITLOR, HEIDI: The Daylight Marriage (Toronto Star)

PYPER, ANDREW: The Damned (Quill and Quire) 

RAMNANAN, SABRINA: Nothing Like Love (The Globe and Mail)

SMITH, ALI: How To Be Both

SOMER, BRADLEY: Fishbowl (Toronto Star)

SWYLER, ERIKA: The Book of Speculation (Toronto Star)

WIERSEMA, ROBERT J.: Black Feathers (Quill and Quire)