I am currently working full-time as senior editor at Simon & Schuster Canada, and so am not currently doing critiques or book edits. Please check back in future!


You’ve done it — you’ve written a book manuscript! That takes a great deal of commitment and passion. Your family and friends think it’s great, but they’re your family and friends — of course that’s what they’d say.
   What should you do? Writing a draft is just the beginning. A manuscript critique and line edit will help you become the best writer you can be — and figuring out what you do well and where you can improve is the start.


My manuscript critique will provide honest feedback about what’s working with your writing, what you could adjust and how to build on your strengths.
     When I’m finished your critique, I’ll send you a comprehensive, constructive report including notes on: structure, style, plot and pacing, characterisation, setting, dialogue, and more.


Line editing is a review of your manuscript at the sentence level. I look for things like repeated words or phrases, unnecessary modifiers and dialogue tags, words that are used improperly, awkward sentence structure, improper use of tenses, and the organisation of sentences within each paragraph to improve flow and pace. Changes are done within Word’s track changes, so if you don’t agree with them, you have the option of not accepting the changes. Note: My critiques/line edits do not include rewriting, proofreading, or copy editing (which involves correcting spelling, punctuation, etc.).


If you’re interested in a critique and line edit (I generally do both at the same time, but can do each separately), e-mail me at; I’d love to discuss your project further with you.


I also do full book edits. Please contact me about this work to discuss further.


I specialise in literary and commercial fiction, historical fiction, mysteries and suspense, as well as personal memoir; I don’t critique partials, picture books, children’s books, YA, erotica, scripts, short stories, or non-fiction other than personal memoir.