Laurie Grassi is a thoughtful, meticulous and sophisticated editor, one who understands an author’s intent and is then able to assist in clarifying it. Manuscripts under her care benefit from her sage advice and so do their authors. 
— Nita Pronovost, Vice-President and Editorial Director, Simon & Schuster Canada
Because of her broad experience in the book world, Laurie is the perfect person to critique a manuscript. She brought the good taste of a bookseller, the questioning mind of an editor, and the sharp eye of a great reader to my work in progress [the forthcoming novel, The Last Neanderthal.]
author Claire Cameron, The Bear
A huge thanks to Laurie for editing my manuscript—and cutting several thousand words from it. While initially that thought was a lot to wrap my head around, I realized that the storytelling and pacing were much better. More than that I sincerely appreciated that Laurie identified areas she felt benefited from clearer expression and shared why she thought so. At all times, I felt she respected my voice as the author. This made the editorial process—which can be challenging—an exciting and positive experience.
— author Ann Y.K. Choi, 
Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety
You did a super job and [the writer] accepted 90 percent of your suggestions. She says it will help her with the next novel.
— Phyllis Bruce, Editor, Phyllis Bruce Editions, Simon & Schuster Canada